9 Jan 2012

MultiScatter 1.0.18a For 3Ds Max 2008-2011 (32/64Bit)

MultiScatter is a new product, based on VRayScatter technology its designed to work not only with V-Ray but with Mental Ray too.
New in MultiScatter: multi-core processing support! It uses 4 CPU cores and runs almost 4 times quicker than VRayScatter which can use only one CPU core. And more!
MultiScatter allows VRay and Mentalray to generate huge amount of objects in array. The support for 64-bit systems allows MultiScatter to create and submit for render, for example, forest or even a city in a blink of an eye. Quick render time generation of objects with optimized RAM management makes process of scene creation as easy as ABC.

Download - Deposit Files

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