11 Jan 2012

Dosch Textures US-Architecture

Dosch Textures US-Architecture
Dosch Textures: US-Architecture includes material textures primarily used in construction and exterior & interior styling of residential homes and smaller office buildings in the United States.
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Included are 234 high-res textures of brick, natural stone and concrete surfaces, wood & vinyl siding, asphalt & clay roof shingles, floor and wall tiles, carpets, kitchen and bath counter tops (marble, laminate) and more
Format JPG, Diffuse + Bump, Seamless, ~4000x4000 px ~2000x2000 px, 1.8 Gb .rar

Download - DepositFiles Part 1
Download - DepositFiles Part 2
Download - DepositFiles Part 3
Download - DepositFiles Part 4

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