9 Jan 2012

AmbientLight - Skies Vol.1

AmbientLight - Skies Vol. 1
20 Panoramic Fine Weather Skies at a 4096x2048 Pixel resolution, seamless and ready to be applied to a skydome object in your scene.Each sky texture has two maps, one with and one without a sun. This gives you the option of including the sun in the panoramic sky image or placing a light in the approx position of the sun and fine tuning flare controls for your light in your 3d application to mimic the sun size and flare options you require for your scene. Using a light in the position of the sun will also cast shadows into your scenes as though from the sun in the sky image.

20 Panoramic Diffuse Maps - all at 4096x2048 pixel resolution - 2 for each sky

Download - DepositFiles
Download - LetItBit

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